The UK And Ireland's

Sexiest Vegans 2014

Who is the fairest vegan of them all?

The winners of the UK and Ireland's Sexiest Vegan of 2014 competition have been announced! Check out our two lovely champions – and remember that everyone who makes the compassionate decision to stick to a plant-based diet is a winner because they save animals every day.

Until Winners Announced

Gareth and Jenna Have Been Named the UK and Ireland's Sexiest Vegans of 2014!

After poring over the entries, we have finally found the two sexiest vegans in the UK and Ireland. Our stunning winners are Northampton-born Gareth and Glaswegian Jenna!

Name: Jenna

Location: Glasgow


Sultry Jenna, 23, won us over with her big heart and vibrant good looks. She stopped eating meat at the tender age of 5 after watching the film Babe. "My mum found it easy changing all of our diets, as she grew up next to a slaughterhouse so didn't feel comfortable eating meat anyway" Jenna explains. Some eye-opening videos convinced her to ditch all animal products nine months ago, and she describes her health as "incredible" ever since!

Now a proud animal rights advocate, Jenna encourages those close to her to adopt a healthy and compassionate diet and loves to tempt them with delicious vegan food. "I'm happy with a bowl of mango, strawberries and figs, but if I want comfort food, I go with salt and chilli tofu and broccoli stir-fried with garlic", she says.

When she is not busy advocating a vegan lifestyle, Jenna might be found playing with her feline companion or travelling. "I have an acrobatic cat called Harvey", she says. "My exercise bike is basically a climbing frame/chew toy for him now. I love going for big walks exploring the beautiful hills and lochs of Scotland."

Follow in Jenna's fine footsteps by going meat-, egg- and dairy-free. Order our free vegan starter kit today.


Name: Gareth

Location: Oxford


A vegan since last April, wildlife artist Gareth, 27, adopted a completely plant-based diet after he started to feel that it was hypocritical to continue raising awareness for lions and elephants through his work while ignoring the suffering of animals raised for their flesh, milk or eggs. "The sheer number of animals suffering for our stomachs is far greater than any other cause I've supported, and as such, I feel it deserves the most urgent attention", he says.

He inspires others to adopt a vegan diet by posting about animal rights issues on social media, where he has a large following. He's also a great cook, who finds that whipping up tasty, plant-based meals for friends is an excellent way to start a discussion about veganism. He's even learnt how to make his own cheese out of nuts, seeds and vegetables!

As a veteran who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, Gareth explains, "Seeing the violence humans inflict upon each other is yet another reason I've chosen to live as peacefully as I can by being vegan". What could be sexier than a man who puts compassion first?

If you aspire to take gorgeous Gareth's title, now is the perfect time to make the switch to an ethical vegan diet. Sign our 30-day vegan pledge to get started.

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